Our Story

Our Story

Last year, one of my best friends, Bonnie Sutton, and I were walking to the bus stop from school. As we walked we noticed the amount of rubbish around us. Realising we had a plastic bag, we did a quick clean-up and picked up most of the rubbish around the path. We couldn’t find a bin on the way to the bus stop and ended up riding to the city with bags of rubbish. After that, we started noticing the rubbish around our school and where we lived – it had always been there but now we noticed it. Over the school holidays we started picking up rubbish, and tracking how much and how long for.

Pretty soon we decided that a fundraising challenge would be a great way to raise awareness, inspire action and create global change. We took our idea to Father Richard Browning (Richo) one day, and he gave us one of his infamous pieces of advice; we can’t ask other people to do something if we haven’t done it ourselves first. We took this on board, and over the holidays we tested the two-week challenge, and in the months since I have continued to pick up rubbish and develop the idea to launch at Dirrum Festival 2020: Tipping Points!

Who we are!

Zoe Malone - Founder

Bonnie Sutton - Key Supporter

Matt Malone - Key Supporter

Jo Malone - Key Supporter