We donate 100% of the funds raised directly to the Climate Council, a not-for-profit, science-based, independent voice on Climate Change in Australia. The Climate Council ask the hard-questions, produce highly researched and impactful reports, promote climate solutions, get climate change into the media, and call out misinformation. As a 100% community-funded organisation, our goal as The Climate Challenge is to raise at least $1000 and become a Climate Council Champion. We believe that Climate Change is the biggest issue of our generation, and the switch to renewable energy is the necessary route for Australia. As Dr Matthew Stocks explains in his inspirational and insightful Dirrum Talk, politics is the last piece in the puzzle for a renewable future – Climate Council is trying to fit in the last piece. Founded by Tim Flannery, and many other powerful figures for change, the Climate Council is the voice Australia needs! As a newly founded fundraiser, we intend to support the Climate Council, for now, however, our funds may go to a different organisation in the future.