Getting Started

Tools of the trade:

  • Thick, protective, gardening gloves

  • Enclosed shoes

  • Warm clothes (for winter)

  • Disposable bags, preferably compostable (available at Bunnings)

  • A device to time yourself

  • Water-bottle

  • Picker-upper (optional)

  • Weight scale (optional) (domestic is fine)

  • Our progress Tracker

  • Strava - see below about how to connect your fundraising page with Strava to track your progress!

Rules of the trade

    • Be sensible – avoid dangerous or sharp items, be wary of how you pick up rubbish, especially if you are injured – your safety comes first!

    • Be safe – don’t pick up rubbish at night, and always be aware of your surroundings. If you are young, take a parent or gaurdian with you to help out!

    • Don’t trespasswe want to maintain a positive name for the challenge.

    • Be friendly – people are often curious about what we are doing and are very nice!

    • Be thorough – sometimes it’s the smallest bits of plastic that can be most harmful. When you clean an area try to pick up all the little pieces too.

How to

1. Set a timer, or start a stopwatch

2. Begin to walk in any direction from your home or area of concern

3. Pick up every piece of rubbish you see

4. Have fun! Play your favourite playlist or podcast, just be sure to be aware of your surroundings.

5. Weigh what you found if you want (you can use a domestic weight scale, just hop on and measure, then hop on with the rubbish collected and calculate the difference)

6. Take a photo and post it with #theclimatechallenge, and tag us @theclimatechallenge

7. Dispose of the rubbish collected

Link with Strava

Click here to see how you can link your fundraising page with Strava to track your progress through The Climate Challenge.

Strava can track where you walk and how long for, and you can post your progress to your EveryDay hero page after!